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86 matches for topic 'School Friends'

  Remnants of the Emmeline Winstanly Boys Home.
  Glebelands School, Knutsford
  Emmeline Winstanley Boys Home.
  Margaret Barclay School
  Where are the class of '66
ALL, ALL  Knutsford secondary 1959-1964
Couper/Cooper, Linda  I'm trying to trace Linda Couper/Cooper?Cowper
atkinson, hazel  her and her twin sister where my best friends and i would love to find them on facebook again
Bailey Jayasinghe, Elsie  I am trying to trace Elise Bailey Jayasinghe who lived at 5, John Shepley street, Hyde, Cheshire
beckett, hollie  i want to see my first love
Blackford, Lionel  Was in the Police Force
blythe, george  I am trying to trace an old school friend George Blythe
Brent, Jackie  Jackie Brent,(Maiden Name)
BROWITT, Rebbeca   I am trying to trace Rebecca Browitt-my school friend
Campbell, Jean  I would like to know if Jean is still living in Knutsford.
capstick, lee  i am trying to find lee capstick my old school mate
carter, susan  trying to trace
CASH, John  I am wondering what happened to John Cash,my best friend at school
coleman, claire  i am trying to trace clair coleman - one of my best school friends
coll, nathan  what is he doing now?
Collette, Donavan  What are you up to now?
Cooper, Andrew  I am trying to trace Andrew Cooperof Lower Peover Knutsford
coppel, janet  looking for school friend -janet coppel
Cummings, Barbara  Looking for Barbar Cummings
Curbishley, John  I am trying to contact John Curbishley who used to live on Tabley Road Knutsford and whose main inte
Davies, Janette  Anybody from Class 0 1975 to 1980 from Knutsford High School
EASTWOOD, kevin  I am trying to find an old penpal - Kevin Eastwood from Tabley nr Knutsford
EASTWOOD, grant  I'm trying to trace you
Ellesmore (spelling?), Jeremy  Trying to find out how he and his family are?
Evans, John  I am trying to trace John Evans.
Ex #Pupils, ALL  Knutsford Secondary 1959-1964
GATHERCOLE, Jane  I lived in Mobberly and I would like to trace jane as she was a good friend
Gilbert (nee Pickle), Julie  I am trying to contact a university friend
Green, Simon  My best friend at Rostherne Primary School was Simon Green his parents owned The Swan Hotell
GREENE, nicola  nicola greene
Hardy, Maggie  What are you doing now?
Harper, Virginia  I often wonder what became of my friend Virginia Harper?
Hatton, Darron  I am trying to trace Darren Hatton, worked on TDP with Amex 1995-1996
Hawthorne, Brian  Trying to trace best mate & best man
Heal, nee Cooper, Paula  I am trying to Trace Paula Heal, nee cooper
howard, stephen  i am trying to trace stephen howard school friend
kelly, mary  have been trying to trace mary kelly
Knight, Jacqueline  I am trying to chase Jacqueline Knight - friend at school
Lawrence, David Ian  I am trying to trace David Ian Lawrence - a friend from St. John's Prep School.
Leach, Carl  best friend at primary school
LITTLER, GEORGE  rajar works
LOMAS, geoffery  i wont to trace my old friend Goef L omas.
mc donald, paula  want to contact p mc donald
Mcfarlane, Janette  i am tying to trace janette as her mum use to go out with my mum
miller, shaun  Does anyone know the whereabouts of Shaun Miller who use to live in Woddlands Drive.
missy, morse  i am try finy missy morse from chamberlain high school
molloy, tom  i am trying to trace
MOORE, Michael, Rory & Martin  Does anyone know the whereabouts of Michael ,Rory,and Martin Moore.
Moreton, Elaine Mary  Elaine Moreton.
Moreton, Elaine  Does anyone know of Elaine M. Moreton?
morton, trent  trying to trace
MULLINS, Peter  where do you live
Munton, Melba  knutsford sec school 1959-64
nee Knight, Susan  I am looking for Susan Knight who attended Knutsford Secondary 1961 - 1965
NICK LINDSEY  I am trying to trace Nick Lindsey- my friend from school
Nordass, Geoffrey  Emmeline Winstanley Boys Home
O'DONNELL, Rosaline  I am trying to trace a school friend
oliver, ronald  i m trying to trace 'ronnie' or ronald oliver my best school friend
Phibbs, Marian  I am trying to trace old school friends - Marian Phibbs
PLUM, May  Mother\
Primrose, Sue  Getting in touch with Sue Primrose
rayner, ralph  plese ralph get in touch lost your email address love to get touch
raynor, ralph  please help me find ralph my first love at schoolat knutsford
Richardson, Susan  Knutsford Secondary
Richardson, Susan  Looking for Knutsford Sec people 59-65
ROYAL, Albert  I am trying to contact Bert Royal an army buddy
Searle (Morten), Ruth  I am trying to locate Ruth Searle (Morten)
sheath, pam  I am trying to trace Pamela Sheath who i was at school with.
sims, paul  trying to find my friend
skinner, elaine  I am trying to trace Elaine Skinner who lived at Longridge knutsford
tonkin, ross  trying to trace schoolmate
WHALLEY, Anthony  At school with Tony,( Knutsford Secondary Modern School.)
Wicks, Debbie  A old school friend Debbie Wicks
windus, Kate  i am trying to find kate windus
winter, jason  i am trying to trace jason winter
Young, Dorothy  I am trying to trace my best scholl friend

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