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The Oriental Influence

Mixing Elements

The 2nd Royal Horticultural Society Flower Show to be held in Tatton Park was hailed a success and it seems likely that the the show will now become a regular feature in Tatton Park's annual calendar of events.

Knutsford's own rose growers Fryer's won a gold award for their display which included the new Cheshire Rose. And although thousands of visitors passed through the twenty acres of showground during the five days there was not a garden gnome to be seen. The little chaps had been banned by organisers since their presence was considered tacky. For those of you who, like the garden gnomes, didn't make it to the show, or for those of you who simply can't get enough of spectacular gardens, here are some highlights and memories of Tatton's second flower show.

The show ran for five days from Wednesday 19 July, when it opened to RHS members, until Sunday 23, when the big sell off took place as stands and exhibits were dismantled.

Tranquilty Unusual Sculptures as Design Features

An Aromatic Display

English Country Feel

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