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 Knutsford Public Houses - The White Lion - by Matt Raw
The White Lion Knutsford

Since 2008, The White Lion ceased to trade and was extensively refurbished by the current owners and has since been a Spanish Restaurant called Casa Tapas, Etruria Mediteranean Restaurant and currently Jack Rabbits in 2015

For historical records the following article by Matt Raw has been retained.

The White Lion is situated at the end of the bottom street, a 30 second walk from the entrance to Tatton Park. Again, this is also a relatively old building and is Grade 2 (I think) listed. The reason, I'm told, is partially because of some fixed chairs which were used by the local farmers for meetings in years gone by. Rumour has it that the person whose posterior was parked in the Farmer's Chair had to buy all the drinks! I cannot verify whether this is true or not, but I'd imagine that it only applied to those who were at the meeting. Rest assured that I have sat in that chair on a few occasions and never been asked to buy the drinks (which is quite a thing in itself)!!!

The pub was refurbished a couple of years ago, but you could be forgiven for thinking it was done last month! There is a very rustic feel to the wooden pillars and furnishings. Modern, but traditional, if that makes any sense. To the left of the bar a lounge can be found, this being the room where the Farmers held their meetings. To the right can be found a snug and television. All major football matches are shown on the skysports equiped TV. On the rare occasion that the clouds clear in this country, you might like to step out into the large beer garden! Take a nice cool pint with you and it's the perfect way to round up the afternoon!

Food is served 11:30am - 2:30pm, 7 days a week - a very appetising menu, incidentally. There are lots of other things to take note of:- Quiz Tuesdays - Drinks and Cash Prizes Disco/Karaoke Sundays Special offers ALWAYS! - There is always something going cheap Live Music Monthly - All good musicians. Bands and Vocalists

Tetleys Cask Bitter is served, not forgetting the Guest Ale which changes on a regular basis. This should keep those of us who like REAL ALE happy! Also worth mentioning is a certain young lady who has worked behind the bar in this pub for 32 years! WOW!!!

To Conclude: This is a happening pub. Plenty of entertainment, value for money, good beer and friendly atmosphere. This is a pub where everyone goes regardless of age - club 18 - 130!!! The building is of an "open plan" nature. All the rooms can be accessed by walking straight in as there are no doors - very handy if you happen to be the one who was sat in the farmers chair and you have a large tray of drinks to carry as a consequence!!!


Special thanks to Matt Raw for his write-up and insights into the Public Houses of Knutsford.