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 Knutsford Public Houses - The White Bear - by Matt Raw
The White Bear Knutsford

The White Bear is in the very heart of Knutsford, just on the corner of Canute Square by the roundabout. You can't miss this one, it must be the last building in Knutsford to sport a thatched roof, which has incidentally, just been re-thatched. This pub has to be the oldest in Knutsford, as it was first registered as a pub in the 16th century. This is when they first started registering pubs, so it is probably older still!

Step inside and mind your head! The old wooden beams are quite low in the enterance! One can't help wondering if any of them are original? Step up to the bar and pay close attention to the beam above you - surely it is the oldest beam in the pub?

The pub is due for re-furbishment at the time of writing, and I shall therefore try to keep to the things which aren't going to be changed.

The floor of the bar is made from slate and the ceiling is quite low. The atmosphere is one of history. To your left you will find a games room/snug which has a dartboard and television. All the rooms here are well furnished currently, but after re-furbishment I expect that very few places will be able to match their standards!

To your right you will find the restuarant area, where very good food is served between 12noon and 2pm, 5:30pm and 8pm. Later in the evening the restaurant area acts as a quiet lounge, a very comfortable room.

The beer in here is particularly wholesome - a good pint of Greenalls Bitter. This is a Cask beer which is found quite regularly in the local area. If you haven't tried it before then you are missing out on a good pint of REAL ALE! I would also point out that a good pint of Greenalls Mild can also be found. This is, however, a Keg Mild and as not many places sell Mild, it does make a refreshing change!

It should be noted that this Pub is not a family pub, and there are no baby changing facilities as such. Well behaved children are permitted during the day, providing they are kept away from the bar area.

To Conclude: The White Bear has good REAL ALE, a full menu, and a great atmosphere. They must be doing something right if they can have everybody from the age of 18 to 80 in there simultaneously. The bar is of adequate size and standard licencing hours apply. Perhaps you're just passing through Knutsford? Maybe you're here on a business trip? Or, did you come for that afternoon out in Tatton Park? Whatever the nature of your visit to Knutsford, your nourishment awaits you in the White Bear. Pay them a visit and I'm sure you will enjoy the experience!


Special thanks to Matt Raw for his write-up and insights into the Public Houses of Knutsford.