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 Knutsford Public Houses - The Red Cow - by Matt Raw
The Red Cow Knutsford

The Red Cow has just reopened under new owners at the end of
July '09 and has been refurbished.

The following article records life before its closure. Hopefully, as a landmark building we will see it play a roll in town life once again.

The Red Cow can be found on Canute Square. This is a pub of sizeable proportions with a lengthy bar to match! Open Plan, the pub is separated with a few brick pillars, stone floor around the bar, and wood everywhere else. About 5-6 years ago, this pub was the place to be. On a Friday or Saturday night, people were queuing up waiting for people to leave so that they could enter! For some reason it went very quiet for a brief period, but I'm happy to say that it appears to be getting back to the way it was - also under new management. There is no Cask Ale on offer, but this isn't the place I'd expect to find it. The atmosphere on a Friday night can be quite electric, certainly it was when I stopped by last week (at the time of writing). The visiting age groups are generally between 20 and 40, very much a young persons pub.

The entertainments are very generous in here. Theme nights once a fortnight (Saturdays) D.J. Thursday, Friday, Saturday Karaoke on Sunday Pool Table (well looked after) Football Table Golf Machine Fruit machines. To put the icing on the cake, so to speak, the is a big screen TV but also a BIG SCREEN!!! When I say a big screen, I mean a big screen and television projector! Both of these are connected to skysports and therefore all football matches can be watched.

The Landlady informs me that a full menu is to be available in a couple of weeks from the time of writing (11/02/02). I have yet to see this menu and sample the food, but judging by the high standards maintained throughout the establishment, I would say that we are probably in for quite a treat! The pub has also been refurbished since it was taken over, each wall painted a separate colour - Greens, Browns, Reds, Yellows, Orange... they're all there! It's in-keeping with the modern look which the young people like. The colours fit the pub like a tailor made suit!

To Conclude:
The weekend starts here! You finish work, put your gladrags on, turn up at the Red Cow, and P.A.R.T.Y.!!! Spend a while on the dance floor, sit in the comfortable leather seats, stand taking the Michael out of yer mates, girls: find yourself a good looking lad who'll buy you drinks, lads: find a nice young lady who you can show off to all your pals... Who cares??!! - it's Friday night and you're in the Cow!

On a serious note, whilst this is a young persons pub, older kids are still welcome. This is also the place to be for a friendly midday pint or the business lunch (when the menu is available). This is not a family pub and there are no baby changing facilities, as such. Well behaved children are welcome, although by law they cannot be allowed in the bar area.


Thanks to Matt Raw for his write-up and insights into the Public Houses of Knutsford.