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A Fyne Affair

Confession time. I’ve fallen, Loch, stock and barrel. I thought I was content with my old, familiar bowl of pasta and my table in the window. But all that’s changed.

I’ve been swept off my feet by a handsome newcomer: A swarthy Scot with good looks and breeding who’s charmed me with sophistication and romanced me with tales of misty lochs and castles.

Loch Fyne has stolen my heart.  Not only for its delicious, tempting menu of day-fresh fish served up in exciting new surroundings by staff who are aching to please, but also for its integrity.

This is dining-out with a conscience. Loch Fyne Restaurants promote the highest standards of animal welfare and product quality, sourcing fish by methods deemed friendly to the marine eco system, buying from day boatmen and supporting small local suppliers. The oysters are said to be the finest in the world – thanks
to the pure, organically fertile waters of the Loch. Why, they even set a standard for socially and environmentally responsible coffee production and print menus on 100% recycled paper.

The experience is seductive. Vibrant, bustling, alive. I love the real wood, the shiny tiles and the welcoming wet-fish counter.

You really do feel as if you’ve stepped out of one reality, into a better one. It’s big, exciting and new. You can watch the chefs at work; you can practically hear the fish flapping to be chosen for your plate and see the steaming pans of mussels and platters of sea creatures rush by, as if to keep their freshness. It’s a place that has passion. And it makes you feel special.

Plus, the food is delicious and practically guilt-free! There’s no need to count calories as every mouthful is full of good oils and brimming with omega 3.  Savouring oysters is like tasting a seaside memory (try the little devils coated in garlic breadcrumbs for a cross-channel moment).The fish soup is
legendary. The smoked salmon deserves its awards. The pan-fried bream melts in the mouth and the olive oil mash is creamy and divine. The chips are already the best in town and even the colourful desserts look and taste like superfoods. Portions are generous and when surrounded by such quality and choice you’re inspired to be adventurous.

Loch Fyne is quite a catch. I’m very glad they chose to bring their magic to Knutsford. I was ready for a love affair.

I only hope it lasts.


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