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Brookstreet Chapel

One of the oldest buildings in Knutsford, and still used for worship. This Protestant dissenters chapel dates from 1689, when the Act of Toleration granting freedom of worship, was passed. Its whitewashed walls and latticed windows create an air of serenity to all who visit it.

Mrs Gaskell was a member of the congregation as a girl, and taught in the Sunday School. Mr Benson's Chapel in 'Ruth' is drawn from her knowledge of Brook Street Chapel. Mrs Gaskell is buried in the graveyard of the chapel, together with her husband and two unmarried daughters.

The Rev. George Payne and family were photographed by her grave. Students of Mrs. Gaskell's life and works, are indebted to the Rev. Payne for his book on Mrs Gaskell. The Rev. Payne, as well as being Unitarian Minister for 40 years, was also the first honorary librarian when Knutsford's new library was opened in 1904.

The gates to Brookstreet Chapel
Looking up towards the
Mrs Gaskells grave