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Childcare - Knutsford Shops & Services

Knutsford Children's Centre
Address: Manor Park North,
WA16 8DB

Kids Allowed - Birkin Centre, Knutsford
Address: Kids Allowed Birkin Centre
Mobberley Road
WA16 8PR

Kidsunlimited Ltd

Address: Kidsunlimited Ltd
Summerfields Village Centre,
Dean Row Road.

Wilmslow, Cheshire,
Comments: Have 4 Nurseries, two in Wilmslow, one in Handforth and one at Ringway, near Manchester Airport. All Nurseries take children from 3 mths to 5 years. Fees are all inclusive of food, nappies, formula milks and exclusive programmes such as baby yoga, baby massage, sign with your baby, green fingers and let's get physical. We offer special staff discount for Manchester Airport Employees.

Telephone: 0845 365 2900

Knutsford Day Nursery
Address: The Old Library,
King Street,
WA16 6DW
Telephone: 01565 653147
e mail: info@knutsforddaynursery.co.uk

Mere Day Nursery
Address: Mere Day Nursery, 5 Chester Rd, Mere, Knutsford, WA16 0PU
Telephone:01565 830083

Poppies Red Cross Day Nursery

Address: Poppies Red Cross Day Nursery
Memorial House,
Northwich Road,
WA16 0AW

Comments: Poppies Nursery is based within the Cheshire Branch of the Red Cross and provides high quality childcare to children aged between 3 months and 5 years who live in Knutsford and its surrounding area.

Telephone: 01565 682302
email: hwoodman@redcross.org.uk

York Lodge Day Nursery
Address: York Lodge Day Nursery
Sugar Pit Lane
WA16 0NH
Telephone: 01565 650751

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0845 365 2900