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Marketing Knutsford - Ideas to promote our beautiful town

Why not have our Train station Knutsford - with the added line of "Welcome to Elizabeth Gaskell's Cranford" and include a similar worded plaque on the hopefully 'soon to be painted' Railway Bridge as the gateway to Knutsford. A vandal-proof display case on the station showing the relationship of Knutsford to Cranford and Elizabeth Gaskell.

A map of the Cranford Walk on the station with leaflet display from tourist
office or heritage centre attracting visitors to these centres.
Clearer signage on buildings related to the author and her characters.
Perhaps Joan Leach could wear authentic garments when she gives her guided tours around Knutsford.

As Val Dawson suggested to me wouldn't it be great to invite Dame Judi Dench to the town being taken around in a horse drawn cart and perhaps a Sedan Chair by Joan and the Gaskell Society members, if possible, all in period costume to promote the 'Cranford Day'. In the Cranford Tea rooms have pictures and info from the series and from history.

A special 'Cranford Day' similar to Lymm's 'Dickension Day.' with horse and cart and sedan chair as a taxi service in the town carried by Knutsford Rugby Club Players where proceeds go to charity, with period costumes being worn by say the Little Theatre members and the Knutsford Heritage Centre. All this on a day when the Christmas lights are turned on and have no traffic in the town for one day or weekend with shuttle buses from Booths Hall and Longridge and Parkgate. with parking on the small heath. etc.

There would only be tables and stalls on the pavement outside the restaurants and shops all supporting the Christmas event to help Knutsford promote its unique charm. All particpants would be from Knutsford only.Perhaps this could be supported by the banks, building societies and larger corporate chains aswell as some from the independent local traders who make our town unique, the Kandahar group in helping them promote Regent Street for next Christmas.

Music could be dove-tailed into the event playing in the bars and restaurants throughout the day.Perhaps this could be the event in late November 2008 that will polarise the ideas that have been put forward over the years by the residents of Knutsford. If you are interested in trying to bring these or any other ideas to fruition email:


Len Thomson

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