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Ask Joan
Joan Leach is a local historian, a volunteer at the Heritage Centre, a founder of The Gaskell Society, and much more besides.

Dear Joan,
Mere GOlf Club pictured in 1938Could you please supply any information on Mere Golf Club prior to it becoming a golf club.
i.e. was it originally a stately home, when was it built and any other relevant information. We noticed that the building known as the stable block actually has archery slits or something very similar could you please verify. Thank you in anticipation.

Yours Mrs M T McIver
Sale. Cheshire

Joan answers:

Mere GOlf Club pictured in 1938Peter Brooke bought land and the Old Hall, in 1652, from the Meres of Mere who had fared badly in the Civil War. He was the younger son of the Brookes of Norton, knighted in 1660 and became sheriff of Cheshire in 1669 - clearly a strong character. Historian Sir Peter Leicester says of him:

"He hath Beautified and Built anew the hall of Mere very handsomly and had three wives".


Mere GOlf Club Subscription fees in 1938His ancestor, Peter Brooke the third , made an advantageous marriage with Frances Langford whose wealth came from sugar estates in Antigua; from then on the family were Langford-Brookes.

His grandson, yet another Peter, found the hall an old -fashioned, patchwork building, especially after a fire, so he set about building a New Hall in 1834, closer to the mere, in fancy Elizabethan diapered brickwork with turrets and shaped gables. It was not a lucky house for he died tragically, skating on the mere and drowning in sight of his distraught family.

The Langford-Brookes were Lords of the manor of Mere and built the village school and were respected by the villagers but later developments have swept away most traces of a community. The Langford Brookes found the hall too big and moved back to the Old Hall in 1914. It became Mere Golf and Country Club in 1937 or 1938.

Joan Leach 30.5.02