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Ask Joan
Joan Leach is a local historian, a volunteer at the Heritage Centre, a founder of The Gaskell Society, and much more besides.

Dear Joan, I hope you can help me with some info on the early Mainwarings of Over Peover and the early Peover Hall?

I am planing to visit the area of Knutsford and Over Peover next year with my wife. I am a descendant of Sir Randle Mainwaring & Lady Margery Venables through their sons William & Randle.

My link to the Mainwarings is through the Grosvenors of Hulme, Sir Thomas Grosvenor & Lady Joan Venables. Margery was Joan's aunt through Sir Richard Venables, Baron of Kinderton d-1403. Are there any persons I can write to for info on the Mainwaring family histories? Are Sir Randle & Lady Margery Mainwaring buried near the Hall?

We live in Ontario Canada. Hope to hear from you, thank you. John

Joan answers:

How I envy folk who have a long line of family history all ready to link up with, and the Mainwarings of Peover certainly have that.

Sir Randle Mainwairing married Margery widow of Richard Buckley of Cheadle and daughter of Hugh Venables of Kinderton. It must have been the latter connection which made her a most desirable heiress. Randle married her in haste without getting King Richard 2's licence and had to petition the King for the right to her dower.

Randle and Margery were successful in raising a dynastic family who married well - three sons and three daughters were not enough he also had three bastard sons and three daughters. In spite of this illegitimate breeeding he was nicknamed Handkyn the Good!!!

He was a courtier and served in Ireland and had various perks in Cheshire. In his long life he lived through the reign of five kings, from Edward 2nd to Henry 5th.

At Over Peover church there is an attractive memorial to them in a chantry chapel, older than the rest of the present church. Tradition has it that when he died his wish was to be buried in the churchyard which his wife did, but later she had the chapel built over his tomb. These, and other Mainwaring memorials, add great interest to the church, which has a US flag presented by General Patton who occupied the nearby Hall just before D-day. The Hall can be visited.

Joan Leach 2.12.02

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