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Ask Joan
Joan Leach is a local historian, a volunteer at the Heritage Centre, a founder of The Gaskell Society, and much more besides.

Over Peover ChurchDear Joan, My father was stationed at Over-Peover Hall shortly after Patton left it for the Normandy Invasion. His name was Clarence Manwaring, he and his company were billited there about 3-4 weeks after Patton had left and was there till December of 1944. That`s when we found out about the family in England. I have been corresponding with Clive Mainwaring lately and have my father's name on Clive's english website in his Gallery. With the information Clive has sent me, I have determined that very possibly, both Clive and my side of the family are descended from Randle, who died in 1459. And who is buried in the chapel at Peover Hall. In 1925, several solicitors came from England and had my great grandfather, Wesley Manwaring sign some sort of disclaimer papers. To this date nobody seems to know what those papers were pertaining to in England. Sincerely Darwin Manwaring
Above: St Lawrence Church, Peover

Joan answers:

mainwaring peoverThere is so much to tell abut the Mainwarings of Peover I hope this is helpful as a start...

The Mainwarings claimed descent from Ranulph who came to England with William the Conqueror and was given land at Peover (and other places) in return for his service. A branch of the family also lived at Baddiley. Their name was spelt 131 different ways on old documents!

Peover was home to the Mainwarings from 1066 to 1919, firstly on a moated site which is still to be seen, then in 1585 Sir Randle built the present house. It still has Elizabethan features but its profile is odd because a later Georgian wing was demolished in 1964. General Patton and his troops occupied this larger house and worshipped in the nearby chapel which still displays the Stars and Stripes among the family tombs.

mainwaring peoverLeft: Effigy of Philip Mainwaring, died 1647, at Over Peover Church

Sir Thomas Mainwaring was a Cromwellian during the Civil War and kept an interesting diary which is in the archives of John Rylands library. It was for him that his mother , Ellen, built the splendid Jacobean style stables which are listed buildings. She also built a side chapel in the church for a memorial to her husband.

The Hall and gardens, originally laid out around 1890, can be visited.mainwaring peover

Joan Leach 25.6.01

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