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Ask Joan
Joan Leach is a local historian, a volunteer at the Heritage Centre, a founder of The Gaskell Society, and much more besides.


Please can you confirm the name of the book about Higgins, all about his life. My mum seems to think it was called 'Night Errant', or 'Highwayman Higgins'. She did have the book, from her sister Beryl Hammond, of Knutsford but its gone missing.

Knutsford is a lovely place. my mum comes from there and I was born there, all my relations live there, do you know of the Craggs? They used to live in Smithy Cottage years ago?

I have been looking at your site, and see you recomend a book by Reverend Henry Green called 'Knutsford: its History and Traditions'. I wonder if you could tell me where I could buy the book?
Edward Higgins HouseJoan answers: Greetings Sandra,

Edward Higgins' story has been told several times but the full truth awaits for me to take up my pen, I think.

Right: Edward Higgins' house on Gaskell Avenue

The story KNIGHT ERRANT is by RAYMOND FOXALL. It is a fictionalised account. Out of print but if you are in the UK the library should be able to find you a copy
to borrow.

Henry Green's history, too, is out of print but if you want to send me your address I will photocopy the Higgins section.

I have forgotten the exact title but it has 'Outrages' in it and is by Derek Yarwood. He did more up -to -date research on Higgins so his is probably the best account to date.

Joan Leach - October 2001