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Ask Joan
Joan Leach ( 1933 - 2010)
Joan Leach on Virtual-Knutsford

Joan Leach was Knutsford's own resident historian. Joan was born and grew up in Knutsford and had a vast knowledge of local history.
Joan lived nearly all her life in Knutsford and taught at a primary school in nearby Sale for some years. Joan also taught at a school in Greenwich and worked for a period at The Institute of Oceanography on samples from Scott's polar expeditions. Joan later returned to teaching in Knutsford.

Elizabeth Gaskell on Virtual-KnutsfordJoan enjoyed historical research and had written about Knutsford's history. She also acted as consultant to the press on historical matters. She was an admirer of Elizabeth Gaskell's work and founded The Gaskell Society, of which she was Honorary Secretary, in 1985 on the 175th anniversary of Elizabeth's birth.

In September 2000 Joan organised Knutsford's inaugural Literature Festival which attracted visitors from all over the world to celebrate the work of many top authors (including Knutsford's own Elizabeth Gaskell), some of whom were in attendance for the eleven day event.

Joan Leach on Virtual-KnutsfordWell known locally, Joan was often to be found at Knutsford Heritage Centre, where she worked regularly as a volunteer, and also giving talks and tours as well as appearing in the local press. Despite Joan's very busy schedule though, here she took time out to answer your questions on Virtual-Knutsford.



Books by Joan Leach

The History Of Knutsford Royal May Day
Looking Back At Knutsford (co-authors K Goodchild & P Ikin)
Both titles available from Knutsford Heritage Centre. Tel 01565 650506

If you would be interested in attending events and talks offered by Joan please see the list below. Please note that attendance requires membership status. For more details email joanleach@aol.com
Gaskell Society (Cranford and its historic settings, Gaskell, etc)
Friends of Tabley House (slides and discussions on the houses' history, etc)
Hale Ladies Group (Customs, Cheshire Country Houses and their families, etc)
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