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Celtic Cheshire Exhibition by Mark Olly
Knutsford Heritage Centre

Click and drag the mouse on the image to the left, right, up or down for 360 degree viewing. To zoom in and out use the buttons on the bottom left.

The 2001 'On the Celtic Road' Exhibition of Dark Age Cheshire discoveries held at Knutsford Heritage Centre in the Spring has been the third and most successful to date. It was extended from 6 to 9 weeks between May Bank Holiday and the end of July, and attracted over 1200 visitors (400 in just 2 Saturdays) from places as diverse as Russia, America, Japan and Turkey.

The largest troupe of 25 costumed Celtic and Viking Warriors yet attended the opening weekend (which coincided with the Knutsford Lions Medieval Street Fair) and also appeared to welcome the Russian Youth Choir on their visit in the last weeks of the exhibition. The event was opened by the mayor and also included 'Sanding' by Joan Leach, live music and Celtic Crafts.

The costumed Celtic Craft team undertook two weekend work shops demonstrating wood carving, metal work, painting, weaving, jewellery making, herbs and runes. Archaeology played a significant part in the remaining weekend presentations on new discoveries and excavations in progress around Cheshire with 10 of the 12 oldest man-made objects in Cheshire exhibited again.

Much new 'Arthurian' material was also presented in the exhibition which was equally divided between Living History and History Recreated. 'Celtic Warrington & Other Mysteries' the book series and 'CWP Archaeology' voluntary archaeology unit. A special display containing the newly acquired Alice in Wonderland book collection was also included relating to material in Book 3 which is due for release around Christmas 2001.

The new 2002 exhibition will be returning to the Heritage Centre again next year but, in the meantime, enjoy this Virtual Version.

Mark Olly - August 2001