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Mark Olly is a Cheshire writer and archaeologist who runs the Celtic Warrington Project Archaeological Unit. You can read about Mark's work in the 'Celtic Warrington & Other Mysteries' volumes.





For the second year running archaeologist Mark Olly brought a touch of Celtic history to Knutsford Heritage Centre and attracted large attendance figures.

In 1999 Mark brought the exhibition 'On The Celtic Road' to Knutsford, featuring a 'Living History' display which brought Cheshire's history to life for four hundred plus visitors who came to see the exhibition during its month long stay. Among those attending were MP Martin Bell and Jenny Cule who, as a child in the 1970's, found one of the oldest Cheshire finds to date, a hand axe.

right: MP Martin Bell visiting the Exhibition.

The popular exhibition returned this year in May and its duration had to be extended to six weeks due to its success. In all it attracted in excess of six hundred visitors, making it the most successful event in the history of the Heritage Centre. It is expected to return in the summer of 2001, no doubt with even more fascinating additions.

right: Mark Olly with Jenny Cule and the hand axe (bottom right of case)

The exhibition on show during this summer, 2000, was expanded and divided into three sections. Visitors were able to see again the 'Living History' exhibits, which included a Bard's costume and a Joseph of Arimathea staff, and also 'Celtic Warrington Project' display boards and finds, highlighting Mark's series of books 'Celtic Warrington & Other Mysteries', and a 'CWP' archaeology area, which illustrated the set up and equipment of an on site dig, with video film.
right: The 'dig' area

To mark the opening of the exhibition the re-enactment group Dalraida visited Knutsford town center for the May Bank Holiday to entertain the weekend crowds with mock battles in full costume. The Knutsford Lions Medieval Fayre, staged in King Street, raised a large amount for local charities, and even Town Mayor Jennifer Holbrook dressed up for the occasion and joined in the proceedings.


right: The'Celtic Warrington Project' display



right: Jennifer Holbrook at the Lions Medieval Fayre

martin bell

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